The Family History

Here you can discover our family roots going back to the 1700's in Ireland, Scotland, England and Austria where ever we came from. So feel free to browse around the history of your family.

History of the Family Tree

This webpage is the result of numerous hours of research and I would like to thank my aunt Barbara and cousin William for their input and years of research into the family tree because of their help this page is possible.

What's in the Family Tree

In the Family Tree you will find the genealogy of many familes. It has the Buechele, Bugusky, Burke, Dix, Goldrick, Hunt, Keating, McKeinze, Murray, Ruane, Schwartz and many more families. 

Who is the Family Tree for

This website is for the entire family to enjoy and hopefully learn about our heritage. And if you have a story to tell it can be added to the ever developing tree.

What you can do on this website

You can browse people in the tree, see world events on your birthday, explore the different genealogy reports and pictures that you can print or download. You can Search our family history on Ancestry and Family Search. And help me add information.

Contact me

George Buechele